The mission of the Department of Athletics and Recreation is to aspire to the values and goals that excellence, hard work, perseverance, teamwork, sportsmanship, and the importance of academic as well as athletic achievement is equal.  As a department, we must strive to provide an experience which is competitive, exciting, and fun, but which is also an integral component of the educational mission of the university.  Our challenge will be to adapt to change while maintaining our belief in, and adherence to, the immutable principles that reside at the core of the NCAA Division III Philosophy.


The intercollegiate athletic program at Kean University operates on the premise and belief that a properly administered athletic program contributes to the total educational process of the individual student-athlete. The ultimate goal of the athletics program at Kean is that after competing and graduating, each of our student-athletes will contribute in some positive way in society.

In harmony with the mission of the University, the NJAC satisfactory progress rule provides clear intent of our commitment to help our student-athletes strive toward making the most important line-up, the one at commencement.

Participation in intercollegiate athletics is secondary to the academic obligations of our student-athletes. Toward this end, it is the responsibility of the athletic administrators and coaches to schedule the length of playing seasons, the frequency of practice sessions, and the number of contests so that they shall not unreasonably conflict with student obligations to attend classes regularly, to study, to develop their intellectual, moral and social responsibilities while working towards graduation.

Student-athletes shall be amateurs in intercollegiate sports, and their participation should be motivated by education, with the protection from exploitation by professionals and commercial enterprises.  The health and welfare of all participants is a primary concern with a strong commitment to good sportsmanship and fair play.  Both the men and women of the program shall be treated fairly and equitably and the discrimination of any individuals based upon sex, religious preference, race or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Winning is a highly desirable goal of our athletic program and the goals of the student-athletes we recruit. Winning is not the ultimate aim, when we have to sacrifice the aforementioned entities that must be dealt with if our student-athletes are to graduate.


Goal 1:  To recruit and retain quality student-athletes, while enhancing their academic and athletic experiences at Kean University.

Objective 1.1:  To win conference, regional and national championships.
Objective 1.2:  To ensure at least 90% of our student-athletes meet our required 2.0 GPA and 24 credits earned per year.
Objective 1.3:  To increase by 10% the response rate from our faculty on our Academic Progress Reports that we send out in October ’12 and March ’13.

Goal 2:  To provide all students with the opportunities to participate in intramural sports as well as pursuing their own health and fitness goals.

Objective 2.1:  During the 2012-13 academic year, to ensure that at least 90% of the students who use our facilities (fitness centers, gyms and pool) are satisfied with our hours of operation.
Objective 2.2:  During the 2012-13 academic year, to ensure that at least 90% of the students who participate in intramural activities are satisfied.