Arlene Jachim

Arlene Jachim

Organization: Field Hockey, Tennis, Women's Basketball and Softball
Year: 1982
Years Played: 1967-70, 1967-71, 1970-71

At the Division III level, most student-athletes compete in one, or perhaps two different sports. It is the rare and truly dedicated athlete who wears three different uniforms. Not often, though, will a collegiate student-athlete not only compete in an astounding four sports, but also excel in all of them. Newark State College (now Kean University) had one such sports devotee from 1967 through 1971 in Arlene Jachim.

Starting four seasons at guard for the basketball squad, playing four years of tennis at first, second and third singles, and two years in centerfield for the softball team, Jachim compiled a fairly impressive résumé. Yet her most outstanding accomplishments came in field hockey.

A four-year starter for the Squires (now Cougars), Jachim captained the field hockey team as a senior in 1970. Though no formal records were kept at the time, it is almost certain that Jachim led the club in scoring in most, if not all, of her years.

Following her graduation, Jachim competed in numerous national and international tournaments and was a member of the national finalist team in 1981. She also returned to Kean as a coach in both field hockey and basketball, leading the field hockey squad to a solid 7-5-1 mark in 1974.

Jachim earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education in 1971.